About us


Civil Engineering,which is one of the oldest engineering disciplines, is one of the first established departments of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University's Engineering Faculty.

The objective of the department is to educate civil engineers who are equipped with fundamental and theoretical information,have advanced self-learning and communication skills,can observe and question, think analytically, generate creative solutions,make legitimate decisions, embrace ethical values and work as a team. It is obvious that the civil engineers, who have great responsibilities about the subject of creating  a sustainable world and of increasing the life quality, will become engineers that are sensitive about environment. These sensitive engineers will also protect natural resources, be innovative and succesful about risk management as a result of taking the education which can keep up globalising world. The profession of civil engineering includes cooperative and multi-disciplinary approach at the disciplines of structure, geotechnical, materials of construction, hydraulics, transportation, construction management and coastal engineering. The course schedule of the department which becomes more contentful with elective courses is designed as layered and consistent feedback in order to reflect these features .
The civil engineering department of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University benefits from programs that provide opportunity of student and instructor exchange with the purpose of educating and graduating succesful civil engineers by cooperating firstly with European community countries’ and with other countries’ universities. Additionally, the department accepts qualified foreign students right along with native students as well.
Some of the graduated students work at public and private sectors in subjects of designing construction, management, maintenance, restoration and renovation of engineering structure systems of structure, trasportation , irrigation. Some of them continues academical career.
Program Course
·        -Structure Dynamics, Structure Mechanics and Design, Earthquake Engineering
·        -Materials of Construction, Concrete Technology
·        -Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Geotechnology
·        -Soil Dynamics, Soil Stabilization and Strengthening
·        -Hydraulics, Water Resources Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Coastal Hydrodynamics
OA Oppurtunity of Graduate Program
Master program is available in our department which continues %100 english education activities.
In 2018-2019 academic year, 75 students were accepted in bachelor program.